Thursday, July 12, 2018

World Cup Match Results: RUSSIA VS CROATIA 2-2

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Results of the 2018 World Cup Match: England Vs Sweden Score 2-0, On Saturday (07/07/2018) Night WIB, The English Football Team Won the Swedish football team with great lead. Even England to be able to control the ball by 57 percent.

The results of the 2018 world cup match held overnight between England and Sweden was ended with a final total score of 2-0 with victories achieved by the English football team. Obviously goals scored by English is by Harry maguire in the 30th minute and the flagship player named dede alli in the 59th minute. Both goals scored with a header into the goalkeeper swedia team.

Surely the result of this match makes the English advance to the semifinals of the football world cup event 2018. English football team in the manager by a coach named Gareth Soutgate will meet with Croatia in the semi-finals that have beaten the Russian state team in the penalty shootout.


Meanwhile, the Swedish football team must lift the legs of Russia due to its defeat in the fight against the English football team, this one game was a record that swedish did not score in the opponent's goal.

Surely this makes the English football team more confident that they will be able to win the biggest football event this 2018 world cup. Who will go to the finals later?

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